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What does VIM mean?

“What does VIM stand for?” 

“Does VIM mean vertebraes in motion?” - 11 yr old (good guess! 😉)

Does our name have you guessing too? It’s the question that inadvertently follows when we introduce our business to people. 

Here is the Oxford Languages definition for Vim:

“Energy; enthusiasm.

in his youth he was full of vim and vigor.”

“Vim” seemed to so perfectly encompass our focus in providing Chiropractic care that energizes life, that we chose it to be our name, acronym for our values, mantra, and much more.

V is for vitalistic - the belief in a basic power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

I is for innate - “inborn; natural.”

M is for mentality - “mental power or capacity.” Or “mode or way of thought”.

The Chiropractic adjustment you’ll receive from the Chiropractors at VIM Chiropractic is intended to work in alignment with your body’s innate and vitalistic ability to heal. It does this by gently opening the channels of communication in the body’s nervous system which may be dampened by misalignments in your spine referred to as subluxations. Health and healing comes from within when the nervous system is functioning optimally.

Living a healthy lifestyle, which includes ensuring the 🧠’s uninhibited ability to communicate with every muscle 💪🏻 tissue 🖐🏻 and organ 👁 in the body, taps into the power ⚡️ of the body (the same power that created you 👶🏽) to improve function and healing.

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