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What Brought us here

Chiropractic came to Dr. Tyler and Dr. Bre as a calling of sorts. When you feel so compelled to do something for yourself, your family and everyone you will serve that you leave the security of a good job and the comfort of extended family, taking a leap of faith to do what you feel passionately that you need to do. 

This journey was really set into motion when Lucas, the Sargent's first child was nearly a year and a half old. He began having febrile seizures, and although the pediatrician said these seizures wouldn't hurt him, Lucas was obviously severely emotionally effected by these seizures. The pediatrician gave them hope when he told them there was a chance Lucas could eventually "grow out" of the seizures.

Dr. Bre's father, being a chiropractor, would travel the hour's distance to their home to care for him. As he did, the seizures became less severe until they suddenly stopped much earlier than the pediatrician said they might. Dr. Tyler wanted more than anything to have the ability to care for his own children and family in this way, as well as help others who were struggling.

After witnessing the change in Lucas following his consistent Chiropractic care, Dr. Tyler made the decision to pursue his career as a Chiropractor. He and Dr. Bre set out to determine which school he should attend, and while visiting Life Chiropractic College West, in California, they felt a strong sense of home and belonging... and one other thing: they both felt strongly that Dr. Bre was to pursue this career alongside Dr. Tyler.

With their 4 young children in tow, the youngest daughter then only 7 months old, they drove their moving truck from Utah to California for a new adventure!

With Dr. Tyler and Dr. Bre both in school full time, they hired a nanny to care for their children and were blessed with loving nannies throughout the nearly 4 years of schooling! As they finished their education, they felt called back home to Utah to serve their family, friends, and community. (This family photo was taken around a year and a half into their chiropractic education.) 

Having met at Utah State University while completing undergraduate education, Dr. Tyler and Dr. Bre feel so excited to have returned to Logan to serve the Cache County community. The full circle journey that began and now continues in Logan for this family has created a sense of home and belonging. It is an honor for them to serve such a wonderful community.

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