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Motherhood at every stage

Your pregnancy and birth experience should be a sacred experience, not one full of pain and fear. We've seen Chiropractic adjustments improve comfort and function throughout pregnancy as well as during the birthing experience.

As a patient at VIM Chiropractic, we listen to your story and take a detailed history. Following your history, we will preform specific exams in order to create an individualized care plan for safe and effective care throughout your pregnancy and recovery. Your health goals are important, and those of your pregnancy, birth plan, and recovery play a vital role in your health and longevity for years to come. We understand this from our own personal experiences and we will be a support to you in achieving your goals.

With specialized training and certification in the Webster Technique, we can provide specific, gentle and effective care to help you throughout your pre- and post- natal care. Patients have expressed that improvements in their spinal and pelvic balance have helped relieve pains such as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), back pain, sciatica, headaches and much more. If you're still unsure, you are welcome to request a free consultation in order to ask questions and learn more.

To complete the new patient forms, please click on the link below then call to set up an appointment as well:

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