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Introducing: The Sargent Family

The family behind the 🦏 

Dr. Tyler, Dr. Bre

In order from oldest to youngest: Luke, Dax, Lacey, DeLayna and Liam.

⚡️Met at Utah State University 2008 ❤️

⚡️Married in Draper LDS Temple 2009 👰🏽 🤵 

⚡️Established 2009 in Logan 🏡 

⚡️Sports we love: 🏀 ⚾️ 🏐 🎾 ⛳️

⚡️Foods we love: 🥩🥓🍕🍔🥦🥕🍇

⚡️Guilty pleasure: @aggieicecream 🍨 

⚡️Animals we love: 🐶🐇🐓🐄🦁🦒🐘🐬

⚡️Activities we love: 🏔 🏕 🏖 🎢 

⚡️Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 

⚡️We want a hobby farm some day 

⚡️Read about our Chiropractic journey here:

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