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 Healthy Start to Life

There's a saying that goes, "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree". In life, we begin like a twig. More and more frequently, health professionals are looking to the start of an individual's life to help explain conditions later in life. Specific, gentle Chiropractic care for babies and children offers a gentle way to check that their spine is aligned so there is no interference with the communication of their nervous system which directs their growth and development. This provides your child an increase in health to start their life. 

Understanding your child's chiropractic needs requires us to understand things about the pregnancy and birth that began this child's life. Our online forms will allow you to fill out this information in the comfort and convenience of your home before the appointment, in order to expedite the process in the office. Having 5 children of our own, we know the chaos that children can bring may feel like a ticking time bomb in any clinical setting. We want your experience to bring as little stress and anxiety as possible.

Having your child's history beforehand allows us to review it before your child's appointment and be ready to ask specific questions for details we may need. We can then perform a fun and thorough exam and proceed to an adjustment as long as there is nothing which would warrant further investigation before care can be given.

To complete the new patient forms for your child, click the link below and click "patient check in" to get started. Please call to set up an appointment as well.

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