Affordable Fees

At VIM Chiropractic, we are excited to offer a fee system that allows everyone in the family the opportunity to receive care! Whether you pay per visit, or take advantage of amazing savings in our memberships, we are confident you will find you can fit quality Chiropractic care into your budget with VIM Chiropractic.

Pay Per Visit: $35

Not sure if a membership is right for you? No worries, our simple and  affordable flat rate fee is the same whether you are a new patient, or an established patient

Individual Membership


first month


subsequent months

Come as often as the Chiropractor recommends in order to get the best response from care. Don't stress about paying per visit, it's all included.

Family Membership


first month


subsequent months

Same as the individual membership, but for the whole family! Includes 2 parents and their dependent children living in the same household.

Annual Membership





Same as the monthly membership, but you get a month free when you pay for the whole year upfront!

It's a pretty sweet deal.

These fees are self pay, and do not apply to insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

House Calls

Occasionally a patient may have need for a house call visit. Pricing is as follows:

The price of a visit, $30 per patient, as well as a $50 travel fee.

For patients who require a house call and are currently on an active membership, the price of the visit is covered by your membership, you'll just need to pay the $50 travel fee.